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Fidget IQ is ALL about fidgeting smart!

We have created a mind-bending 3D puzzle cube based on the Retro Minus Cube from the ’80s – it stimulates the brain and is satisfyingly fun to solve! Originally, the Fidget IQ fidget toy was made by parents for kids until we realized it was perfect for all ages! We wanted to get our children away from technology and give them the ability to think for themselves.

We believe neurological skills are a fundamental and vital part of growing up and succeeding in life. Training your brain to fix and solve puzzles early on can be hugely beneficial throughout life. Not only are our brain teasing puzzles great for the younger ages, but they are also an excellent mental, cognitive challenge for the elderly.

We ourselves, grew up in a time before TV and phones, in a time where puzzles were the BEST pastime – we want the children of today to experience some of that fun!

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